The objective was to improve the RSVP to Attendee ratio of an event management application

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As part of Springboard’s Industry Capstone Assignment, I was given the following scenario:

A startup company has launched a new product that helps people make friends and attend events. The goal of the product is to create social engagement that will motivate users to attend events and meet more people.

The business team has realized that the number of people who book events is significantly higher than the number of people who actually attend these events. Company data shows that on average only 20% of those who sign up actually attend.

The problem statement (HMW) statement that needed to be…

This is a modified version of the Google Ventures (GV) Design Sprint Framework focussing on solving the problem of decorating a new apartment

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House2Home is a startup that wants to make it easier for people to decorate their new homes and apartments on a budget. It is an e-commerce application that sells home decor items like prints, posters, lighting, small accent pieces, and other accessories.

Through surveys, the company found that many of their customers have recently moved into a new home or an apartment. …

Building a comprehensive solution that makes accessing mental health assistance seamless

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Sage is a mental health application that I designed through Springboard’s UI/UX Design Bootcamp. This case study elaborates on the design process followed.

Mental health has always been a neglected area within the Healthcare Sector. These issues have been and continue to be stigmatized, especially in India. This has led to a lack of awareness about how to approach mental health issues.

Reaching out to the right counselor/therapist is a daunting process. Further, there is a dearth of apps that focus solely on mental health assistance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the issue and has had severe adverse effects…

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